Okay, no baby to unbox or unbox with yet. Still waiting to hear from the adoption agency. Word from them is that it could be 2 weeks or 6 months. We've started to put together a baby's room (more on that in a future post with lots of pictures).

Part of the preparation has included the receiving of many many packages from Amazon. We bought a car seat and have put together a diaper bag filled with a list of essentials from the agency. And we also set up a registry.

And now that we are starting to receive baby stuff in the mail, unsolicited free stuff has also started to arrive. We got some formula, lots of junk mail, but yesterday the holy grail of free baby stuff arrived: the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box.

On a whim, I decided to film an unboxing video. As you'll see, it's pretty goofy. I started the three minute video as a parody of unboxing videos and the crazy consumerism around baby stuff that we've already begun to encounter. But within about 30 seconds I was swept into the flow of darling small tiny things. This is my first daddy blog post. And my first vlog. And my first unboxing video. So be gentle. <3

[Photo "Foliage Danbo" by zeitfaenger.at licensed CC BY-2.0]